Up until fairly recently, there wasn’t much information to be found online relating to the Baker-Nunn Cameras. Now, however, there is a veritable ‘shed-load’ of info. Newspapers, scientific articles, SAO station archives… Thanks to the wonders of modern day search technologies it’s all at your fingertips. Enjoy!


Baker-Nunn Camera Documentation

Original patent by James Baker

Original patent by Joseph Nunn

Baker-Nunn Manual – Vol. 1 (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 1967)

Baker-Nunn Manual – Vol. 2 (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 1967)

Boller & Chivens – The camera builders


Baker-Nunn Cameras Around the World

Rothney Astrophysical Observatory, Calgary, Canada

Fabra-ROA Telescope at Montsec (TFRM), Spain

APT University of New South Wales

Phoenix USAF, Maui, USA

Natal, Brazil camera

Tokyo camera


Baker-Nunn Cameras in the Media

U of Calgary Asteroid Patrol Backgrounder

Cold War-era Telescope ‘re-enlisted’ to patrol for asteroids

BNC photography at the MoMA in 1967

Canadian Military’s ‘Eye-in-the-sky’

Canadian camera ‘shot’ Russia’s space bomb

Saucer Tracking

A bad picture from 1973

A better picture from 1967

Lost Balloon Found in Orbit

3 Ton Camera in Florida Used to Track Satellites

Baker-Nunn image of Comet Bennett in 1970

New Camera Shoots Red Satellite (1958)

RCAF opertes camera for satellite tracking



DFM Engineering’s role in U of Calgary refurbishment

U of Calgary machine played a vital role in transformation of the mount

FLI’s camera to TFRM

Clear Sky Institute


General Information and History

Johnston Memories

Event History – F.L. Whipple Observatory



Optical Tracking of Artificial Satellites (1958)

Sapphire: Canada’s Answer to Space-Based Surveillance of Orbital Objects


Site Details

Site Evalualtion for Laser Satellite Tracking Stations (1976)

NASA Directory of Observation Station Locations